• What is PROLIFIC HR?

    We are an HR Consultancy located in Bangalore, trusted for our specialized services in talent acquisition, manpower outsourcing payroll outsourcing services and training. We are a diverse group of HR professionals recognized by our clients for the perfection and expertise we bring to the table. The foundation of our services is in the pursuit of creating unique HR solutions that will facilitate our clients’ success.


At Prolific HR, we want our clients to enjoy maximum business advantage. We know that manpower determines the rise or fall of a company. So, we seriously focus on advancing in the fields of employee outsourcing, payroll outsourcing services and HR management. It is easier said than to be practiced every single day. We enjoy playing the role of a trusted HR brand to our clients solving their employees’ challenges through our dedicated support, education and expertise.

Our Journey so far

Prolific HR was founded in the year 2007 becoming today a highly valued brand in the industry of HR Outsourcing and payroll services. From humble beginnings, we are now associated with global companies, providing them crucial business success and insights. Every day we are taking longer strides in innovating our HR practices and our HR technologies.



Employee Well-being

Our business is ruled by this one idea that every potential employee is given the equality of opportunity and a chance at creating a fulfilling career. We love to create a free space where employees express their best selves with complete confidence in us.


Quality first

We take quality very seriously, be it delivering a business strategy or interacting with our customers. The appetite to refine and remodel our services everyday has made us one of the popular HR consultancies in Bangalore.


Target driven

We chase and hit targets – daily, monthly and yearly. This is because we are committed to deliver tasks (for instance timely salary disbursement or hiring for a highly salaried position) that directly impact our companies’ and employees’ lives. Our primary target is providing professional world-class payroll services and HR consultancy in Bangalore.


Friendly teams

We enjoy interacting with our employees and clients, creating friendly relationships every day. Our teams are mostly made of young and experienced professionals passionate about creating a caring world of service. With all our team and clients support Prolific HR company became the best payroll outsourcing and HR consultancy services in Bangalore.


Cosy Workspace

We like to keep our work-space comfortable a little more than required. People focus best when there is least disturbance around them, so we have designed to facilitate a spacious and calming environment for everyone.


Like a family

This idea might be a little unrealistic for the present times, but prolific HR truly believe in bonding and gaining trust from our peers and our clients. We show genuine involvement and embrace personal setbacks in our employees’ lives. We are fulfilling our clients requirement in an effective and efficient way. In this process we are hiring job aspirants for top MNC companies in Bangalore.


Individual responsibility

We are a small group of great individuals. We bank on each team member’s potential to achieve business success. We are very picky when it comes to hiring the right individuals for our teams. We want our clients to feel their employees are taken care of by the best and most responsible individuals. This efforts made prolific HR company to be the top recruitment consultancy.

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